Capacity to change 

Who we are and what we are

We are a team of Change Agents, specialised in providing Procurement Capacity and Consultancy Services which we deliver as B2B leadership development programs. Our co-creative approach to managerial, personal and business success is distinctive; we believe in the natural laws of receiving back what we send into the world. Our background is in Business Administration, Supply Chain Management and Leadership Development. Our mission is to help co-create better supply chain relationships through better people, with no one left out.

How we help companies

We improve procurement processes by applying Best Value Procurement inside and out. To us BVP is not a popular new technique, but a transformational approach of Being in business. We listen, ask the right questions and know how to analyse processes in a co-creative manner. We find and resolve bottle-necks. We provide synergy and make the Supply Chain do the work for you and by you; with Boomerang B2B you will obtain insight and capacity to manage the natural processes of ‘sowing and harvesting’. Our approach is personal and challenging, thus incredibly effective!  


Supply Chain Management

Do you have a procurement capacity problem, either in quality or quantity? Does your company yearn for better supplier-relationships? Or are you looking for cost control, or for processes optimizations that include your suppliers? – Boomerang B2B improves your procurement processes in an effective and unique way. We ensure a lasting result. Not only do we manifest surplus value, we also provide a deeper insight in the performances of your Supply Chain Team. For now and for the future; we co-create lasting results in a short period of time.

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Change Management & Team Building

How would you like to achieve better results as a TEAM, with or independent of your suppliers? Would you like your team to work towards the same goal? – Our Team Building activities build on the core of co-creative teams. Experience proves that better teams get better results. Boomerang B2B playfully leads your team transform from good to great. We make core talents accessible and visible. We make sure that everyone involved can excel with natural powers.

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Boomerang B2B has worked well for many different clients. Below a few of them are indicated.

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